Safari offers services around the world at great prices

Everything from small packages to ship parts and living animals.


• We collect packages every day from all around Denmark.

• It’s possible for us to pick up a package in Copenhagen at 15:00 and have it in the Faroe Islands the same evening.

• We also offer standard air freight, 1-2 day transit at an excellent price.


• We can pick up a package in Europe during the morning and have it in the Faroe Islands in 12 hours.

• If you’re not in a hurry then we can have the package in the Faroe Islands in 2-3 days at a great price.


• We work with agents from all over the world and are able to offer a custom solution for you.

• We fly pallets from Asia or the US to Århus and sail it back home to the Faroe Islands for an excellent price.


Exporting is no problem. We handle dispatches from the Faroe Islands to the rest of the world every day. We can send packages to Denmark and the other Nordic countries and have them delivered the same day.

We send various packages, such as documents, ship parts, living animals, frozen goods etc. We can also arrange package transport in a flamingo box with dry rice, so the item stays frozen all the way to delivery.